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IT Service Options Explained

As part of a great long list of services that Informatica 2000 offers, we can carry out Hardware and Software Upgrades to PC's and Laptops of all makes and models.

To help home and office users embrace the newer technologies such as Wireless networking and the internet, we have a wide range of services specifically customized to fit all environments, backed up with our premium onsite support package .

We can even pay you a visit and do it onsite, either at your home or place of work.


If you have ever encountered a virus then you are aware of the destruction it can cause.

With the amount of data we download from the Internet comes the real threat of being attacked by a virus.

Informatica 2000 Can offer a site based Virus Detection and Removal Service. We use the very latest Antivirus Detection Kit to disinfect the targetted machines.


Laptop and PC users we've all had moments where we have had a hardware failure or Software Corruption which has caused the loss of vital data .

We can retreive all types of data files from any PC or laptop that may have suffered from a Hardware or Software problem. SIMPLY GIVE US A CALL TO FIND OUT MORE :

We offer a No Data - No Fee service


Wireless Networking At Informatica, we can provide you with everything you require to successfully run and manage your own wi-fi network. Whether it be a home network or in an office environment.

Established more than 20 years ago, we offer the best advice to provide the most suitable systems for your needs. Our ability to address all aspects of your requirements - large or small. We'll design, install, integrate and administer your network, allowing you to securely share resources and save time every day. We have great expertise in:

  • Installing and Repairing Wired & Wireless Networks
  • Internet and LAN/WAN Connection Troubleshooting
  • The supplying of Broadband & Networking Hardware plus associated Support
  • Providing Help and Advice for all your Wireless & Wired Networking Issues

Download our free guide to broadband and wireless networking

Internet Calling If you have broadband at home or in the office, why not take advantage of being able to call anywhere in the world for FREE ?

We can install and configure the necessary hardware and software that will allow you to take advantage of the online calling system that is SKYPE.

New Systems

Every system is configured and personalised to the purchaser. A restore disk is also supplied with each computer, enabling the system to be retured to its delivered state within 15 minutes.


We provide a Repair and Upgrade service in for many types of PC and Laptop equipment. We offer local and nation-wide solutions depending upon the nature and urgency of your repair


Our Technicians are experienced in upgrading both hardware and software on most makes of desktop or laptop personal compuers including Dell, Lenovo, HP, Fujitsu, Acer & Packard Bell


Whatever the equipment, whatever the Operating System, Whatever the problem, contact Informatica 2000 right now, for a fast professional fix

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